Bamboo is the purest and most sustainable material that our green planet has to offer.  With our dwindling natural resources it is more important than ever to live in harmony with our environment. Bamboo is ideally suited to this task. It is a green grass which  grows in abundance around the world.  The finished  bamboo  tube  is 16% harder than rock maple.

We craft all of our bamboo pieces from the Moso bamboo strain.  Each of our  bamboo tubes is numbered and signed by the responsible farmer. These very wide bamboo tubes are harvested when they grow to approximately 60 feet at which point they are stripped and made ready for crafting. 

Following harvest, the bamboo with its extensive root system naturally replenishes itself-no replanting required!  The bamboo quickly grow back to 60 feet . 

  All of our processes are endorsed by the FDA as being completely food grade and non-toxic.

All of our pieces are naturally anti-microbial and clean up in soap and water.  They make an ideal cutting surface and will not damage any type of knife.

Bamboo is an endlessly renewable resource that has been given to us.

We must make responsible use of it!