Kyocera Ceramic Knives

Kyocera was founded in 1959 as a producer of advanced ceramics. Kyocera specializes in combining these engineered materials with other technologies to create ceramic cutlery, kitchen tools and cookware, electronic devices, semiconductor components,
orthopedic implants, solar power generating systems, printers, copiers and mobile phones.

Continuously innovating…in 1984 Kyocera was the first company to develop and market the zirconia ceramic knife. Today our high quality kitchen products not only include ceramic knives, but also ceramic cookware, peelers, slicers, graters, scrapers, spice mills, coffee grinders, scissors, insulated travel mugs, ceramic pens and more.
Kyocera is a customer-centric manufacturer of exceptionally high quality ceramic cutlery, kitchen tools and cookware products

Ultra Sharp Holds an edge up to 10x longer than Steel Lightweight and Balanced Rust-proof and Germ Resistant Won’t Brown Foods Very Easy to Clean

     Lifetime Sharpening
Lifetime Warranty

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