Bamboo Banded Board Full Size

Bamboo Banded Board Full Size

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Banded Collection

This banded bamboo cutting board was hand crafted from the Moso Strain of Bamboo. The bamboo , which is a grass, was organically grown in fields where a great deal of personal attention is given. The responsible farmer signs and numbers each bamboo tube under his care.

The Moso strain bamboo is harvested at approximately 60 feet in height. The bamboo with its extensive root  system quickly grows back to 60 feet where it can be harvested once again. No replanting is required.

This bamboo cutting board is 16% harder than rock maple. This will provide a non-toxic anti-microbial cutting surface which will be in service for many years.

Cleaning is very simple. Hand  clean  with soap and water and season with mineral oil once dry.

All of our processes are endorsed by the FDA as being completely food grade and non-toxic.

Bamboo is an endlessly renewable resource that has been given to us. We must make responsible use of it!


This bamboo cutting board  has a groove on one side and is flat on the other. It can be used on either side. The bamboo band is darkened via carmelization of native sugars found in the bamboo through application of heat and pressure.  Stains and Dyes are never used.



 It measures :

20" X 12 1/2" X 3/4"