Bamboo Long Board inspired by San Diego California

  • $40.00

One of our most popular boards! The Del Mar is an extra-long 30" for a full smorgasbord of delicious meats and cheeses. The board draws its name from the beautifully inlaid ribbons of dark bamboo, reminiscent of the waves of the San Diego-area Del Mar beach. Your guests will be blown away by the incredible beauty of this board.

Measures 30" x 8"

Bamboo is one of the most beautiful and functional sustainable resources in the world.

The use of bamboo will remarkably reduce the consumption of timber, so as to preserve the forests and environment.

We are finally rediscovering how to use bamboo as our ansestors have:

For thousands of years humankind has used bamboo to fashion weapons,food, shelter and medicine. There is something about its durability and simplicity that brings us back into harmony with the natural world from which we all belong.

Strength and Beauty is bamboos signature.

Bamboo can be found in green forests swaying gently in the breeze towering overhead. Deceptively fragile? Bamboo has a tinsel strength that approaches that of steel. When made into a cutting board it tests out at 16% harder than rock maple yet is lighter than many other hard woods.

Bamboo is the most sustainable resource that we have been given:

When bamboo is harvested nothing is lost. The root structure is invincible and the green bamboo tubes grow quickly back to their original size. As a matter of fact periotic harvest –usually 3-5 years helps to strengthen the Bamboo and keep it vibrant.

The bamboo spices that we use is referred to as "Moso" which is a member of the grass family. Its grows in a temperate climate which encourages a slower growing bamboo tube and therefore producing a much denser, harder and durable stalk. It absorbs very little moisture and consequently does not shrink or swell making it a superior choice of material for cutting boards and bowls

Bamboo is 100% Non Toxic:

Prior to production the bamboo is not altered in any way. Our bonding agents are water based,free of formaldehyde, and contain no toxins. Every part of our process is done within FDA guidelines. Color shifts are obtained by heating of the bamboo material so that the native sugars within the material carmelize and hence darken. No stains dyes or paints are used on our products.

Bamboo holds the promise of a sustainable, cost effective, and ecologically responsible alternative to the widespread clear cutting of our sacred forests which is completely unnecessary.

This beautiful plant has been put into the natural world for our use and comes complete with the promise that it can never be depleted.

We at the Malibu Company urge you to get started by bringing one of our pieces into your world. You will find that these pieces are alive and will “grow on you” after a while. You won’t want to use anything else!