About our Mixed Wood Bowls

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Bowl turning is an American tradition that began over 150 years ago when wooden bowls were an important part of everyday life. All wood bowls were skillfully turned and greatly valued. Today, turning wood bowls is a vanishing art form, with  Our  mill being one of only a few commercial producers left in the United States.

The mill was originally started as the Wooden Shoe Factory in 1926 by Chester VanTongeren and to this day is still owned and operated by Chester’s relatives. In 1984 the  mill became a separate company whose current president and owner is Dave Gier, Chester’s grandson. The  mill is located in  Michigan, near the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan.

Because of increasing demand, plans were developed to move and expand the bowl mill in the summer of 2000. With over a year of planning, moving, designing new equipment, and training new craftsmen, the company opened the doors to a new bowl mill production facility in March 2002. The  bowl mill is now the best and largest solid wood bowl production facility in the world, making beautiful solid hardwood bowls of the highest quality, the same way they were made over 150 years ago.

 Our mill manufactures many sizes of beautifully grained wooden bowls. Additional plans are under consideration to expand the product line to different wood bowl shapes and adding other useful wood products.

The mill sells its products all over the world and in all 50 states. In addition to the general retail market, our customers include large kitchenware and specialty retailers, corporate gift and incentive programs and artists and crafters who transform  bowls into painted, carved and burned works of art.

It can take close to one hundred years for a hardwood tree to produce the grains that make each  wooden bowl so beautiful. A variety of colors and grain patterns give testimony to the uniqueness of each bowl, no two are exactly alike. We take great pride in bringing this beauty to our all of our customers. Functional and decorative our wood bowls are keepsakes that will last for generations.

Lifetime Guarantee on all Wooden Bowls

Our bowls come with a lifetime guarantee. If your bowl ever cracks or warps from regular use,The Malibu Company will replace it with a new one of similar size and finish. Never let water stand in a wood bowl for a long period of time and never clean wood bowls or any wood product in the dishwasher. We recommend using water and a small amount of mild soap to clean your wood products, then hand dry.


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